Genesis (Hatchet Love) Update #1

I’d like to introduce the main characters and their family to anyone who hasn’t read the sample. The main characters are Marcus Porter and Cassie Johnson. Both of them are juggalos and naturists. Marcus’ parents are Jacqueline and Harold. They are almost never around due to work.

Cassie’s mother is Meryl who is a full-time mom. Cassie’s father is a retired Marine who got his leg blown off (it was replaced with a prosthetic one though). Cassie’s parents are both naturists as well. Cassie has been out to some family-friendly clothing optional resorts with them as a kid.

Now for the update, Genesis is currently at page 28. I want to get to at least 400 pages before I start finishing up the novel. I am being really hard on myself for not having it further along in these past four years of development, especially since I’ve had tons free time for most of them. Brittany hasn’t been able to get to a computer in a while due to personal life issues, so she couldn’t have helped me even if she wanted to. I have so much planned for the ending of Genesis which I cannot even add because I’m so far from that point.

I’d like to point out that a lot has happened in the 28 pages that I’ve written down already. I just don’t know how I’m going to top what I added (or do I?). I’ve been thinking really hard about what I’m going to add, even when I’m not openly worried about it. I just want to see what Brittany has edited in her copy of it before I move on to the next big event in Genesis.

If you have read the sample and want more, I suggest you go like the novel’s facebook page linked above. I’ll be sharing more updates on the novel in the future. A release date will be announced as soon as possible. Please share the information about the novel to whoever you think might be interested in it.


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