On Facebook’s New Redesign

I have only seen a few photos of Facebook’s latest redesign to it’s website. Already, I don’t like what they’ve changed. They haven’t broken anything. They simply made it more difficult to effectively navigate the website. For example, the chat and navigation is all pushed to this allegedly convenient sidebar.

Click for larger photo.

Another thing is they’ve added separate feeds for things like photos, music, video, et cetera. I can already tell most people are going to forget that photos, etc. will still even exist anymore with all the feeds separated. It’s good that they’re trying to make it less cluttered, but in the end I may miss the way it is. I think we can all agree when I say nobody likes change. Especially ones drastic as this.

Something I actually like about the change is that photos are going to be much larger on the news feed. I didn’t like having to click on the photo in my feed to be able to see it better. I’m sure some of you didn’t either.  What do you guys think about these changes, are you for or against them? Let me know down in the comments.


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