Why Buying A New Game System on Day One is Bad

When a new gaming system comes out, regardless of the launch line up, people decide buy it on day one. This is a bad decision, especially if support for the system has yet to pick up. I bought the PlayStation Vita on day one and I bought Uncharted: Golden Abyss along with it. For a string of several months, that was the only game I had to play. There was a poor selection of games to choose from for a long while.

There is a section of the PS Store for Free to Play games, but they feel like nothing more than games one would play on Facebook, to be honest. A large string of them have the ability to post your score or photos to a social network after you play a quick game. I’m not too hot on many of them, except Treasures of Montezuma Blitz currently. I am thankful for the Cross-Buy offer because it helped me expand my PS Vita library, even if only by so much. Other than that, the support for all of the system’s features is quite poor, with the ‘near’ application only being a waste of a good app.

I don’t currently own a Nintendo 3DS, so I can’t really have a legitimate opinion on it. However, I will say that the selection of games isn’t very appealing, if only for the moment. Nintendo tried to entice people to buy the 3DS with an “Early Adopter” gift of mostly old games from NES & et cetera with updated features such as online multiplayer. What I’ve seen are mostly 3D re-masters of old Nintendo games from the N64 and seemingly poorly executed third party games, although the first party games are interesting. I’m with the Nintendo Exec that said development resources should focus on new experiences instead of re-creating old ones.

I also don’t have a Wii U, so again no legitimate opinion can come from me. I can say there are a few unique experiences on there (such as Zombi-U and Lego City Undercover) that can only be found on the Wii U. The concept of a second screen on a console has been around since the PSP’s Remote Play feature, but developers weren’t pushed to get behind it like the Wii U. Hopefully, with enough time and franchises like Super Smash Bros or Metroid on the console, the Wii U will get a good user base.

As you can see, buying anything on the first day that requires support to enjoy it full is a rather awful idea. If the support is all but non-existent, you’ve got a shiny paperweight until the support kicks in.


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