Bible Camps, the Concentration Camps of Modern Times?

Ever since appearing in the documentary entitled ‘Jesus Camp’, these camps are widely known among atheists for their harsh regiment of religious indoctrination upon children. The administrators of these camps take part in rigorous training of the child’s mind. The aim of these camps is to get the belief in the Christian god so deep into their being that they essentially become the next Rick Santorum. If you don’t believe me, just watch the trailer (a side note: what I saw of boy’s hairstyles in the trailer consisted of mostly rat tails or similar styles, which should tell you something). These people actually think they’re doing the world a favor by inhibiting the minds of young, impressionable children.

The concept doesn’t stray too far from that of Hitler’s concentration camps, doesn’t it? Sure, the kids at bible camps might actually enjoy themselves, but that’s because they’re kids. They will believe whatever an adult tells them (you know, because an adult is supposed to be smarter). Although the children aren’t physically killed, their desire to wonder about the universe in a scientific sense is killed.

I’m not saying that ALL children that come out of biblical concentration camps end up as utter twits, but most of what I’ve seen is in fact a bunch of numbskulls. Maybe I’m overthinking this. Maybe I’m on to something.


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