Morals, Empathy, and The Sacrifice of Isaac

Everyone has, in some way or another, learned of Abraham’s near-sacrifice to god of his own son, Isaac. A lot of ‘saved’ Christians like to interpret it as God putting forth an test to see if Abraham’s children will be worthy of forgiving their sins. Embedded below is a video of the History channel’s visualization of the sacrifice in question. I want you to watch it and pay close attention to how relieved Abraham’s wife is to see Isaac still alive. Also note that Abraham reaches for Isaac’s hand, only to get it rejected by Isaac.

Did you notice the things I mentioned above? How about the unwillingness to stop even after Isaac begged Abraham? How about the face Abraham receives from his wife as she hugged Isaac? Things like those mentioned above are why I don’t accept the idea of sacrifice and religion in general. Just look at the trauma Abraham put on his wife and son.

To put this thing into perspective, I will give you an example. How would you like if your spouse told you that he/she was going to take your only child to the top of the mountain to give god a sacrifice? Sure, you might feel okay with it. Then you don’t remember them taking a lamb. You go ask the local sheppard (or whoever provides the livestock in the area) if your spouse took a lamb.

When the sheppard says no, what do you do? If you freak out and start running after them, congratulations. You, sir or ma’am, have empathy for your child. If you shove it off as a mild hindrance to your day, screw you. You, sir or ma’am, have absolutely no empathetic attachment to your OWN CHILD.

A lot of people say you cannot have morals just by not being religious. This is a false assumption. As a matter of fact, murder and rape cases are higher in areas with more religious people per square mile. You can be the most devoutly religious person ever known and still have no empathy or morals to speak of, which is insane. Somebody wrote it out for you and you still can’t grasp the two concepts?!

I wouldn’t go with the Bible as a source to base your moral and empathy from, I mean the Abrahamic God killed tons of people just because they didn’t want to believe in him. As a godless person, I cannot see modern religions lasting much longer. Preceding religions claimed to last forever, only to be burned away by the actions of the religions of today. Who is to say that won’t happen again?


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