E3 2013: Microsoft’s Last Chance

In my last article, I mentioned that Microsoft Studios announced 15 exclusive games, 8 of which will be brand new. All of those exclusives are supposed to be shown at their E3 press conference this year. At the time of writing this, that event is no less than a month away. No other details have been released about these exclusives. For me, these exclusives will be the deciding factor in whether I will get the Xbox One or not.

I’m already considering not buying it, thanks to all the negative press Microsoft has generated for themselves since the reveal of their console. My main issue with this “promise”? I’m worried they’ll turn out to be mostly casual Kinect 2 games. I don’t care if they’re independent games, download-only, retail, what-have-you. I just don’t want anymore dancing or exercise games.

If I want to exercise, I’ll go outside. It is a more vibrant experience to exercise outside compared to making a fool of yourself in front of the TV. I’m sure others agree with me. If E3 comes around and I don’t see a SINGLE title out of those exclusives that makes me say “I have to have this game”, I’m not going to buy the console. I will make an exception on the Kinect games though.

For example, if they’re really innovative and far removed from casual, I might pay attention to more announcements. I might not buy the console even if one of those exclusives interests me. All the negatives of owning the console simply outweigh anything positive about it from a GAMING perspective. If you have any thoughts you would like to share, post them below.


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