Microsoft Has the Wrong Vision, Third Console Curse Imminent

Yesterday, Microsoft revealed their next generation Xbox console, henceforth dubbed the “Xbox One”. This console will bring their number of gaming generations to three. The hour-long conference focused primarily on the new features of the console itself. They also shown what the hardware actually looks like. I will save you the trouble of reading yet another rundown of the technical specifications and new features of the Xbox One and skip to my point below.

What does all of these media-centered features mean for the core gaming audience? Granted, Microsoft announced they are saving the majority of their gaming announcements for E3. I don’t have that kind of interest in something that got so much negative press leading up to (and after) its reveal. I hope those 15 exclusives they teased don’t turn out to be silly casual games. They basically made empty promises since they didn’t show anything to speak of.

Sony had a vision with the PS3. They thought the cell architecture of the PS3 was going to be the next big thing. Instead, they only made Blu-ray the next big thing. Now they’ve screwed up backwards compatibility with the PS3 for good by having such a difficult hardware design. Microsoft seems to be doing the same thing with the Xbox One, only on a larger picture frame.

The thing Microsoft needs to realize is, there are gamers that haven’t had cable in more than 4 years. They just don’t care for TV anymore. They get more enjoyment out of video games so why should they watch TV? I mean, all there is on TV is the same old boring garbage. Another thing, if you want to share a game with your friend, you have to sign into their console or else they will have to pay retail price for the game, thus discouraging the purchase of used games.

Combine that with mandatory installs and a hard drive you cannot remove and you have the perfect shit storm. Let’s not forget that you cannot use the console without a Kinect 2 plugged in. How about when you have to connect the console to the internet every 24 hours? They didn’t announce any changes to Xbox Live Gold either.

All in all, Microsoft is in a position to get kicked off the throne by Sony. Sony seems to be capitalizing on it, too.


One thought on “Microsoft Has the Wrong Vision, Third Console Curse Imminent

  1. feelingblind

    I could deal with everything accept the Kinect requirement. Now the PS4 looks that much more appealing.


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