Microsoft’s E3 2013 Conference: What I Want To See

The reveal of the Xbox One behind us and E3 is mere weeks away. Without a doubt, people are going to start making speculations and/or predictions about what might be in store for us. I’m going to give a rundown of what I would personally like to see from Microsoft this time around at E3. The following things are, as stated above, what I would like to see. They may or may not reflect your own.

  1. Detailed changes to Xbox Live Gold. It is critical that Microsoft put more detail as to how Xbox Live Gold is going to affect the accessibility of the features on the Xbox One. They will obviously do this because, let’s be honest: They can’t keep us in the dark on things we will have to pay to access.
  2. At least ONE mascot platformer. If they want to increase the rate of families purchasing the Xbox One, they will have to announce a mascot platformer which stars an adorable character which kids will be unable to resist. By doing so, they will end up having an IP to rival Knack, which is the PS4’s launch mascot.
  3. At least TWO hardcore Kinect 2 games. If they really want to prove to me that the Kinect 2 won’t be a waste of resources, they will need to show me two AAA Kinect 2 games that take advantage of nearly every one of it’s capabilities. Kinect Star Wars was a good attempt at utilizing the Kinect in a core game. Hopefully the higher resolution can prove helpful in improving the quality of a core game.
  4. A mascot/party fighter. I know this may be wishful thinking and all (actually this whole article is wishful thinking, haha), but once Sony built a team of developers experienced in fighting games to release PlayStation All-Stars, the gloves were off in that genre. It’s time Microsoft joined the party (pun may have been intended). They could pull really obscure Classic Xbox characters out of deep in the barrel.
  5. At least THREE RPGs. Xbox isn’t really know for it’s RPGs. Three AAA RPGs could change that. If they’re on the Kinect 2, that’s just a bonus.
  6. Mirror’s Edge 2 as an exclusive. The original Mirror’s Edge was a great game. Microsoft’s partnership with EA (who published the original) is all the more reason for the sequel to be exclusive.
  7. Revival of long-dead exclusives. This could make fans very happy. The only problem with this, as shown by Naughty Dog having a rough time developing Jak 4 before developing The Last of Us, is that it would be difficult to recreate the feeling the originals provided.

If you have any comments, agreements, disagreements, ideas, opinions, or whatever, leave them in the comments section below!


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