Hatchet Love


Hatchet Love is a trilogy of romance novels intended for mature audiences. The novels are being co-written by Shawn Williams and Brittany Thalleen. The novel will introduce the casual reader to a whole new world of terminology & music with a culture as diverse as the world itself and will be filled to the brim with profanity and other such vulgarities that are not safe for neither work nor school. The trilogy’s genesis is currently under construction and we hope you are excited for the release of this wondrous book. This novel is being written by two authors. There are no current plans to have more than three novels in the series. However if demand is high enough, we may start working on a fourth novel.

About the Authors
Shawn Williams
Shawn is an ex-juggalo, but at the time he started writing the novel, he was a proud one. Around the time he reached the seventh chapter of the novel, he almost scrapped the project with the reason being he virtually never got around to adding to it. Thankfully his good friend was there to talk him out of breaking a promise he made to more than one thousand juggalos who had known about the project. To this day, whenever Shawn has time to add to the book, he puts his all into it.
Contact Shawn:
Brittany Thalleen

Brittany is a full-time Juggalette with two Juggalittles. She is currently helping edit the novel but would like to contribute more to future novels. When she isn’t helping out with the novel, she has her own blog and also enjoys sketching.

Contact Brittany:

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